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Sunday, March 10, 2013

There is No Plan B

Ha, I'm fixin to graffiti this at the Wilson Center until they agree to restructure our scholarship situation. Or at least schedule a discussion with Gibson Hall about it.

So freshman Tim Yandel delivered today and got us a win in overtime today in baseball. Lawd have mercy we needed that win. Without it, stick a fork in us we were done. d-o-n-e.

And just look! Times Picayune actually covered the game. And they actually suppressed their pre-pertubal urges and didn't select another infantile picture of a Tulane player getting hit in the groin as "Photo of The Day" like TP photog David Grunfeld did after the Northwestern game last Tuesday. We are so proud.

Bra-vo, TP!

photo by Peter Forest

Of course I must also breathlessly report that last night at Senior Night for the Greenwave basketball team the ever classy UH cooters, headed by their Etiquette Coach, James Dick-e, acted like the thug fools they are. It was a close game and Tulane was ahead most of the game, falling behind, battling back and then letting it heartbreaking-ly slip away in the final moments. So instead of saying "Great Game!" let's shake hands, Mr. Dick-e encouraged his thug team into cursing and flipping off the Tulane fans in the stands. Yes. Have I mentioned enough how simply awful that wretched institution is? And we have to be associated with them for the foreseable future until we can finally mercifully manage to get ourselves into a for real college conference and out of the "Awkward 12"*

*Yes I think the new name for the Big East is stupid, so sue me for being a cynical fan.

Anyways, on more pleasant topics: I am finally excited about 2013 tailgating. No, we haven't gotten a new schedule, although I continue to pray on that daily. TPTB spinning that this schedule includes 6 bowl teams just further exacerbates that have not quite been in that number. So today after the baseball game Coach and Mrs. Hullabaloo spent some social time with Booty to laugh and brainstorm what to do about tailgating themes for this very unfortunate schedule we are having heaped on us in less than five months time. Time is a ticking, so I need to hop to it.

I just have to say that Booty is a rock. Last season she walked me off the ledge about morning games (I wish we had simple problems such as this). And today she helped birth some fab ideas that has me truly excited about Tulane Tailgating for 2013.

I present to you, our Potential 2013 Tailgating Themes

August 31: Jamaican Me Crazy Already Playing Jack(ed)son State: Jerk Chicken Wings, Plantain chips and Lime Pepper Jelly over Cream Cheese, Fresh Fruit Kabobs, Pineapple Slaw, Black Bean salsa, Caribbean Crispix Mix, Coconut Curry Popcorn, Red Stripe Beer and Mint Lime Blueberry Gingerbeer Cocktail (with optional bourbon).

Since it feels like we tailgate on the surface of the sun in August and September, Booty suggested a luau theme. But with Bob Marley's grandson, Nico, now playing for the Wave, I thought of Jamaica and with New Orleans the unofficial Capital of the Caribbean, why, it's a perfect combination.

September 7: Challah-baloo TM (yes! aren't we clever): In honor of welcoming our Southernmost Alabamians and also in reverence that Rosh Hashana will be upon us soon, we're getting our Jew on. Kosher Deli Meat Roll, Sweet and Tangy Beef Brisket, Whitefish Salad, Kosher Pickles, Granny Smith Apple Wedges with honey, Sweet and Savory Noodle Kugel Casserole, Maneschewitz Sangria, Chocolate Matza Cracker Brittle, Almond Raisin Challah Rolls, and Coconut Macaroon Brownies.

October 5: Mean Green Octoberfest. Get out your leiderhosen and your cowboy boots. Reprise of a tried and true theme. Welkommen North Texans!

October 12 (ECU): Columbus Discovers Bacon (or Seafood). I'm still fleshing this Columbus Day theme out. A pork and bacon centric tailgate menu could be very fun with BLT pasta salad, or pulled pork sliders. But Coach Hullabaloo wants shrimp cake sliders. Hmmmm, we'll see.

October 27 (Aslut): Halloween. Boo: Aslut is coming to Nola.

November 23 (UTEP): Tex-Mex, because who doesn't like tex-mex?

So, my chamudis? What do you think? Cute, right?

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