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Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer Shake Up

Word! TPTB has gone messin with our tailgating schedule in order to accommodate televised games. and this has now caused much consternation in the Hullabaloo Huddle Household, up in here!

Hold on cause I plan to be a cry baby in this post, so brace yourself.
....I have to pause here to insert that Peggy has discovered that the "NO IZD" yard signs being distributed from the Team Shop are - are you ready for this? - in purple and gold.  INSULTING!

Anyways:  11am?!?!  What could I possibly serve at 8 or 9 in the morning that will be worth dragging my wares and being out at the dome by 7am?  For all the TV coverage will be worth, we'll all be needing a nap. I get that this is part of TPTB plan to drum up our TV ratings that have been neglected for a decade. This neglect having caused a big ole screeching halt on our dancing with the Big 12 last spring, but, but, but, I still don't like it.

How cute are these!?!

Yes, another obscenely expensive pair of game day shoes. Available here from Mod Cloth.

The last time we had a televised 11am home game was the 2007 game in the dome against, gawd I actually have to type this, LSU.  Coach Hullabaloo and I were in our infancy of mastering the art of tailgating and so we had a Green and Blue kingcake I had picked up from Martin's Wine Cellar and Bloody Mary's.  It was very fun and carefree....and much less arguing while packing up the car that's for sure! ha!

But it's an odd time in the morning and you can only be so creative with breakfast options.  Who wants catfish and remoulade at 9am? Or hamburgers and corndogs at 10am?  And I was really, really looking forward to doing corndogs in a nod to the Texas State Fair since this is our swan song game with SMU now that we've had a "hip replacement."

But back to my story: in that '07 game I was absolutely famished by halftime and Superdome food is famously horrid. Plus you practically need to sell your plasma to pay for it.  While I was riveted with the game, I had few options that warranted me to actually get out of my seat - or to uhh, dispatch Coach Hullabaloo rather, so I had a monster migraine by the time it was over. So you simply must understand my consternation with proper feeding before kick off.

The other 11am game this summer is in Tulsa and as exciting and fabulous a metropolis as Tulsa is, with heavy hearts, we decided to skip a soujourn in the land of corn eaters.  Coach Hullabaloo and I really shed a tear on that one.  So now thankfully, we could possibly organize a gathering with lunch appropriate gameday food during that game to enjoy....Even if we should happen to have to listen to it FDR-style on the radio if the game ends up on some satellite Fox Channel only broadcast in the Ukraine as is sometimes the case in these obscure television deals that TPTB settle for.

As you can surmise: I'm really having a hard time about these game times!  Booty Judy tells me this is not a travesty and I just need to get over myself (I know, I know, I know - I am grasping at some center of the Universe attention here).  and Coach CJ has been gangbusters on the recruitment front with 7 solid players committing - and all locals (!). It's been quite exciting to watch, but I digress from my pity party here....

.......Couldn't us long suffering fans have gotten a bone, a morsel, for at least ONE MORE home game at 6 or 7 elsewhere in the schedule to make up for this miasma ruining my carefully orchestrated tailgating menus? On top of the fact that we're bidding adieu to this mediocre conference to have to face an even worse set of conference affiliations in 2013? All due to our short sightedness.  (am I laying it on thick enough?) 

Afterall, I believe I've been an exemplary member of the Greenie Dat Nation. Sucking up 2:30 kick offs for the past several years, despite feeling like we were tailgating on the surface of the sun.  At least we could serve tailgate appropriate food and enjoy this time honored American tradition, even though it always felt like we were packing it up early. With this middle of the day gametimes, Coach Hullabaloo and I would be just plum exhausted afterwards - emotionally and physically. But we soldiered on without complaint.

At the very least I think we merit at least TWO 6 or 7pm games as just compensation for all my letter writing to the City Council, sitting in at City Hall, putting up with petulant matrons and having to look at attorneys with bad hair. I feel 6 or 7 pm kick off should be a fair trade off....Ima just saying!

So - sigh - here now, are some ideas for the REVISED 2012 HULLABALOO TAILGATING MENU
Rutgers: Roastbeef Cheesesteak Po Boys, Tortellini pasta salad, mini meatball appetizers, Hot Reuben Dip+ rye melba toast, Peggy's red pepper dip and Italian breadsticks, pesto dip, stuffed artichokes, pretzels and mustard, amaretto cheesecake. (no change, yay!)

Ole Miss: BBQ Shrimp and Grits, Deviled Eggs, Praline Bacon, Apples with caramel and heath bar dip, White Lace Inn Blueberry Creamcheese French Toast Casserole, Mimosas, Brandy Milk Punch and Zing Zang Bloody Marys. (ok, ok, okay. this sounds pret-ty awesome)

ULM: Gumbo, meat pies, bacon wrapped shrimp skewers, jambalaya, biscuit sandwiches, dip, and bananas foster squares (no change, yay!)

SMU: Updated! Chicken n Cornbread Waffles with Sausage Gravy or Pepper Jelly syrup, Hashbrown Casserole, Booty Judy's Berries n Cream, and Sweet Potato Pie.

UAB: BBQ ribs and chicken drummettes, cornbread, Priscilla's potato salad, mac n cheese, green beans, and banana pudding and pecan pie

Rice: Greek-Mex! Tex Mex Brisket and gravy, Jalapeno Popper orzo mac and cheese, Grilled lamb sausage with BBQ sauce, 8 layer Greek dip and pita chips, warm spinach and feta dip and tortilla chips, lettuce, kalamata and cucumber salad with Nell's awesome cilantro dressing, Apple cinnamon tamales with dulce de leche.

ECU: Cochon du Lait with carolina vinegar sauce, Shrimp Sliders, cole slaw, baked beans, broccoli and grape pasta salad, lavender cheesecake and pumpkin fudge
Well, what do you chickens think? Should I buy the shoes?

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