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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Laughing is fun! Who knew?

It has been so much fun to belly laugh the past few days.

We just got back from Thibodaux, and I don't really care that we only won 1-0. And I don't really want to think about how we went a zillion innings with a goose egg before finally scoring right now. I'll have time to think about having a close game with Nicholls some other time in the far way future.

Me and my peeps and Coach Hullabaloo (who made a rare cameo at a mid week game) trekked over the bridge and down Highway 90 to Thibovegas to avenge our embarassment from last year at Didier Field.

We stopped for dinner at Bubbas. I don't know exactly which Bubbas it was because that whole Bubbas thing is just confusion. Bubbas II, Bubbas on the Bayou - whatever. But seriously, Bubbas has got to be the most expensive fried seafood in the history of man. $75 for food served on trays, served with plastic forks and lemon juice packets!! It was like a robbery hold up, but in reverse. In my opinion of good seafod eatin', Bubbas ain't got nothing, nothing on Drago's.

We sat at the game with our favorite Tulane friend, Lil General, and her husband, Mr. Lil General. They live in Thibodaux. They are so sweet and came to sit with us a spell at Bubbas before the game too.

Mr. Lil General was throwing out the funnies left and right (har har). I say left and right like that because there were some very annoying Kappa Sigmas who were cheerleading the game and one of their go to cat calls was the "left right left right" chant when our Greenwave players walked off the field. It was uber annoying.

Here are the Kappa Sigs when they thought they could sit on top of the Tulane dugout. They snapped this just moments before they got kicked off and sent away by security.


Afterwards the Kappa Sigs set up like railbirds in front of the fence along first base bleachers and continued their annoying cheers. The one that was actually kind of funny was that they would all go "WHOO!" in unison each time that Rankin does his famous wind up high kick that he does. (We looove you Daniel! We wouldn't change a thing about your baseball habits! It's cute!)

photo from David Grunfeld, Times Pic

Afterwards they all congratulated the Greenies and shook hands, so I have forgiven the Kappa Sigs for some of their more immature taunts. At least they are doing something constructive with their time in college like supporting their classmates who are student athletes and not like running a drug den out of their fraternity house or acting like fools at seranades. So overall I was impressed and jealous with their school spirit - because like when's the last time a Tulane fraternity has shown up for a game, any game? ..... It's been decades. Sigh.

So anyways, on the way out to Thibodaux, Peggy kept us in stitches by sharing a classic story that will go down in the annals of Hullabaloo Huddle as one for the ages. It just might displace our apron story, as funniest story ever.

Peggy and some of my girls, Pickle and Jubilee, had been volunteering at a tournament which shall remain nameless because I don't want the FDA or health inspectors knocking down our door. or someone getting in trouble. So I'll just discuss it here on the interwebs between you and me.

So my girls Peggy, Jubilee, and Pickle are at this event and they were in charge of distributing the lunches to the teams that were participating. Which would seem like an easy task However, some of the teams would come up and grab all of their lunches for their team, but then sometimes individuals would go up and claim their own lunch. It was up to our peeps to keep track of who was getting what. You can see how this might go sideways if you aren't paying attention.

So one of the participants came up to the lunch check out and asked for her sandwich by herself. She dressed her sandwich and then left. Meanwhile another team came up to claim their lunches for the entire team. There was a stray sandwich still wrapped up all nicely that was still on the table, so it got added to the pile that was being handed over to the team and off that sandwich went.

Well the girl came back and asked where her sandwich went that she had left on the table. Peggy was momentarily horrified and explained that it must have been given to another group. The girl sez, you don't understand - I put mayo on the sandwich. Peggy responded, Oh well the sandwich in question is gone. And the girl then responds, no you don't understand! She had taken a BITE out of the sandwich! Immediately Peggy's response is to start laughing. She's given out a half eaten sandwich to goodness knows who.

One of my other girls who was also volunteering, whom I'm calling Pickle also starts to laugh, or cackle, and everybody is laughing like it's the funnies thing. Amongst just us, Pickle whispers through laughter and tears that she hoped it had gotten picked up by one of the LSU coaches (omg ha, right?!). And that she hopes (kiiiiddddding) that they think we did it on purpose. ha ha!

One of the worker bees who was supposed to be supervising Peggy, Pickle and Jubileee - was just beside herself fraught with worry over SandwichGate. Meanwhile Peggy, Pickle and Jubilee can't even look at each other without laughing. And then they start cracking jokes about the bite being like a kingcake baby. Meanwhile the concerned workerbee was wanting to report SandwichGate up the chain of command, which just made it all the more comical. Even when the concerned worker bee is distraught and trying to explain to the tournament supervisor about the mistake, it was making Peggy, Jubilee and Pickle - grown women who are mostly all grandmothers - laugh even harder. Because could you like imagine sending out a half eaten sandwich and the reaction of the person who got the half a sandwich? Or if they God forbid, had eaten it?!

Don't ever trust us to volunteer again! But in all seriousness: I swear on my cats that we won't spit in your tailgating food, or serve sandwiches we've already bitten into. I prooommmmmise!!!

SandwichGate reminds me of Peggy's and my last trip to the Litter Box in Bataan Rouge for a final farewell baseball game there. They were just building the new place next door and Peggy and I discussed at length the possibility of digging and burying some Tulane jerseys in the new litter box stadium while construction was still happening. Could you imagine how funny? Peggy even suggested that if we buried say 2 jerseys, that we should send a ransom type note and tell them that there were 4 buried jerseys just so that they would dig up the whole place chasing down the 2 ghost jerseys.

Oh, the fun of rivalries I tell you!

Yes, ha! The corndogs lost to USL. Of course they are blaming the rain delay on all their errors. While I still find USL annoying, I shan't pass up a chance to laugh that corndogs lost. So: ha ha ha ha

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