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Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Dome Grove

2010 Tulane Greenwave opens at the dome against Ole Miss!

I'm really excited about this series since it will bring a much needed injection of class from those who set the standard in Stylish Tailgating. It will be a nice upgrade from the sharpie eyebrowed fans from University of Houston who dress like they just got off a shift balancing from a pole.

I'll get to break out my acrylic deviled egg platter for that delightful Southern outdoor picnic tradition. Mrs. Hullabaloo has all manner of tailgate friendly serving pieces for proper tailgating etiquette.

There is one thing I cannot tolerate and that is sloppily prepared functions (and trashy Houston fans, but I digress). That and bad grocery store or heated Sam's food served at parties (why bother inviting folks over for canned garbage?). Mr. and Mrs. Hullabaloo's biggest marital argument was the first year hosting Thanksgiving. I refused to degrade Thanksgiving dinner by serving 7 layer dip and green bean caserole. Not exactly how I pictured my first major dinner party with the thought of opening up canned goo and serving with tortilla chips on my Waterford china. How gauche and very un-Newcomb ladylike. Mrs. Hullabaloo has since perfected the elegant frizzled leak, portabella mushroom and sherry version of green beans.

Mrs. Hullabaloo was raised by a mother who set formal place settings at every meal. We "dined" at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Every day. No grabbing a sandwich with a paper towel in front of the tee-vee and everyone eating in all manner of vestments and at the time of their leisure. Momma Hullabaloo didn't actually cook mind you and she would order a complete Turkey dinner from a caterer every Thanksgiving. But every meal was properly served. and well, it's rubbed off.

I've been perusing the internet tubes for interesting recipes to spice up the traditional mayo/mustard/s&p/relish/paprika combo. Like a splash of vinegar, chopped shallots or chives, truffle salt (anything with truffle is like OMG in Mrs. Hullabaloo's world).

Will keep you posted on the experimentation with deviled eggs!

Stay Classy Greenwave Nation and party on.

"First we'll out think you, then we'll out drink you!"

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