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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Holy Torpedo, Angel is a Diva

Word. Angel Johnson just needed to toss the mic on the stage and the Crystal Palace would have just erupted.

Coach Johnson's wife, Angel, organized the inaugural First Down Divas which is a Football Q&A Cocktail/Clinic to benefit Devon Walker. She managed to haul in an amazing line up: Coach Sean Payton, Coach Joe Vitt, Marques Colston, Will Smith, Jonathan Vilma, and Lance Moore.

It was off. the. chain. Who knew? A Tulane event that didn't end up pissing off any fans. And what's more: where we didn't lose!


And Devon Walker and his totally adorbs family were all there. It was so sweet.....and just look at all of the suuuuuuper cuuuuuuute Tulane decorations!

And I didn't have to DIY any of it!

I sat with some of my booster club gals and also got to meet the daughter-in-law of a former Tulane peep... whom shall I say Greenwave Fans would not be opposed should he make his second cameo at Two Audubon Place. Fo' Sho'.

One of the funniest things about tonite, was that the champagne and the wine were free. So a passel of well-lubricated Saints fans sitting near us kept jumping up to the mic to give these dramatic speeches to Coach Payton about being back with the team. Mrs. Preacherman and I were busting up giggling that the worst idea in the world is giving women free champagne and a microphone. One Saints Fan who kept being called upon was getting more slurred and sloppy as the Q&A's went on. I whispered to Mrs. Preacherman that some of these women were fixing to jump on stage and start doing karaoke, ha! I am serious y'all.

And in other news: Coach Payton is back to fighting weight!

Y'all it was just soooo refreshing to have a post where my head doesn't hurt from having to discuss inertia.

But last tiny nugget of blah-ness before I sign off. Here it is: He's finally come clean in this article in the Advocate. He now fully acknowledges to never having a clue about what it takes to manage a Division 1 program. Apparently it's all just happenstance. So his last ditch effort is to toss money at the problems apparently. A fluke? really. Ok, bye bye now.

P.S. this Advocate article now makes this awful football schedule make perfect sense.

P.P.S. Tailgating Season is in 78 days! I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait!

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