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Monday, July 16, 2012

Our Ability To Accessorize

A very clever line from one of my favorite movies: "what separates us from animals is our ability to acces-so-rize."

Yes ma'am.

So I am west coast shopping this week and found this adorable little number at Old Navy

Yes, another store I could shop at on the westbank, but had to travel 2000 miles to finally take time to visit. But for $20? Buy it! Very cute for Tulane Gameday methinks.

I also found a pair of these adorable sandals at H&M

(H&M coming to Metairie soon, although I'll probably still shop at one out of town still, ugh traffic in Metry is just too brutal).

Sadly, these a-dorable tassel sandals are no longer on the H&M website online, so you'll just need to suffer and be jealous that I picked up a pair.

Of course wouldn't you know that during my adorable trip out here with the west coast hippies, who should I befriend on a ferry trip across San Francisco Bay? A Marshall Fan!  Lawd have mercy.

She was very sweet (yes I just typed this), so I humored her and chatted her up.  She was so sweet that I almost forgot how we can go about our season just fine and then Marshall shows up and all kinds of calamities happen.

Earlier this season when Marshall arrived, we took 2 out of 3, and we should have swept.  But game 3 on Sunday they played for pride and we, well, I don't know what quite we did, but it wasn't baseball, that's for sure. But it was either Friday or Saturday of the series when Marshall was attempting to stay in the game, their ever-obnoxious fans came down from their designated seats and sat behind the first base, screaming and being just awful.

Apparently they were also using distasteful language and Tulane season ticketholders who had rightful seats in that section were telling them to can it.  Words got heated and next thing you know - fists come out. From women Marshall fans. Maybe they were in drag, I couldn't confirm it for you, but they looked like women from the third base side.

Security had to be summoned, break apart the sides, bounce Tulane fans along with the thundering thighs herd and then not do a thing about these Marshall people not in their own seats.  We were so peturbed.

Anyways, recalling this dreary episode is putting a damper on my shopping here, so I'll share an idea with you: baklava cheesecake.  Sounds totally genius right?  Might as well call tailgating menu 2012, a study in cheesecake....ha!

I found this adorable cookie cutter during that ferry ride excursion, so cute - it will be perfect for my next Day of the Dead themed tailgate party.

Purchase here on if you'd like your own set.

Oh, and in other more relavant news: We Win. Nimbys can just suck it.  And you have to read this Quads and Sods article from Nola Defender to comprehend what we were up against!  Didn'tya know that Tulane was funding terrorist helicopter flyovers on Audubon Boulevard in their aggressive campaign to stop the IZD? and that these Nimbys left the tea room completely trash strewn afterwards. Ironic on so many levels.  Entitled!!

One of the funniest things from this stadium forum was Booty and I just busted out laughing inappropriately during the Q&A.  In addition to carrying on and on about trash and roving mobs of college co-eds defacing our neighborhoods, they wanted to know what Tulane was going to do to stop underage drinking.

Judy and I both choked with laughter.  Because if Tulane can figure out that, I'm sure that every community across our grand nation would like in on that secret.  Should we assign babysitters to each member of the undergraduate class? For reals!

OMG, if these people could've outlawed Mardi Gras, I think that they probably would.

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