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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Baseball Tailgating Commences

So you haven't heard from me? Where have I been?

The Superbowl BABY!!!! Hell officially froze over, Coach Hullabaloo danced in the streets in a dress and the Who Dat Nation gleefully took over Miami.

All of our tailgating prowress impressed the Miamians to no end. General approval all around by the Miami media on our ability to consume and celebrate. and to do so in public without causing disturbance to others.

The only downer in the celebration was the proprietor of Shuck N Dive in Fort Lauderdale who responded to the Saints Victory with a call for a "Geaux Tigreys!" which ellicited a few crickets in the crowd. Seriously?! What exactly did the lu-sers have to do with Saints winning? Nothing.

Signing Day came and went in the midst of Superbowl Madness with much celebration and jubiliation. Especially from Coach Hullabaloo. We have ourselves a kicker y'all! Imported him all the way from Brazil. Pra Caramba!

So now our first order of business this spring: Baseball Season Tailgating.


Baseball Tailgating
Ole Miss series
@ Turchin
Saturday, March 6, 2010
11am parking lot festivities
in Peggy’s Patio
game starts at 2pm

Baseball Tailgating
Marshall series
Saturday, March 27, 2010
11am parking lot festivities
in Peggy’s Patio
game starts at 2pm

See y'all there!!!

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