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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Merriment Commences

Mr. and Mrs. Hullabaloo have had a busy summer and we. are. SO. excited (squeal !). that football season is upon us. September 4th is sixteen days and counting!!!!

Mr. Koozie and Peggy have graciously offered to hostess at their lovely home an "Official" tailgating kick-off bash-a-palooza on August 30th. Should we be worried?

I mean, we've had all this pent up tailgating urges since MAY. That's like a complete lifetime ago in football years. We may have to apologize in advance to the Koozie-Peggy neighbors, alert local law enforcement, etc.

Mrs. Hullabaloo has busily been re-stocking the Tulane Tailgating Coffers. Embroidery Beth stiched me an awesome insulated cooler. I picked up some great napkins, plates, tablecloths, what have you.

I also finished up the beaded meanie greenie and football helmet. Is this not THE MOST?

All this tailgating creativity has just been BURSTING out of me, and we finally get to showcase it!

So at the Tailgating-A-Palooza, us Hullabaloo Huddlers shall be giving away sashes and blue ribbons to all of our fellow Tulane Tailgater Nation. Categories include: "Best Dressed Fan," Most Congenial Fan, Worthiest Dessert, Worthiest Side, Worthiest Dish, etcetera.

"Worthiest" as in "Homecoming-Worthy" which is the quintessential adjective crowned upon any tailgating fare submitted to be tested by our fair Tailgating Krewe.

If it is not deemed "Homecoming-worthy" it just is not worth serving. We have standards to uphold here.

So GAME ON y'all!

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