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Monday, September 5, 2011

Know what'am sayin?

First of all, I have to preface by saying - I love all G-d's Creatures. Well, except for LSU and UCF fans, but other than that: I think we all contribute to the fabric which makes the world go round. Plus Daddy Hullabaloo is an OU alum, so I get a free pass to comment on Oklahoma and Tulsa as I please. Secondly, these pictures aren't mine and they don't exactly pertain to the subject at hand. Just thought they were cute and I wanted to share.

One of the funniest trends (to me anyways) about chirren the generation of my Town Daughters is the lack of knowing "words." Otherwise known as "Vocabulary." A companion that is esteemed as a confidant, would be described as "someone who is always there for me" (there, where I ask?).

So I just smile and sigh when I watch post-game interviews at some of the neanderthal schools where some of these poor souls are being wrung through the meat grinder that is NCAA BCS Football. They haven't been given the benefit of the doubt by their Coach Taskmasters that they can indeed learn and be more articulate, so their interviews all end up like they are struggling to channel Coach Parseghian, but lacking the mentoring they deserve, all they can muster is to squint their eyes and say "You know what'am sayin?" or "Ya know whatta mean?".

One of Coach and Mrs. Hullabaloo's nearest and dearest friends are the NoLeBlanc's from Acsension Parish. They live in Old Metry, but regardless, they have Louisiana running through their blood thru and thru and we l-o-v-e them. Mrs. NoLeBlanc has a mouth like a sailor despite having a fancy job downtown and a Tulane degree, with Tulane pedigree also (Her daddy was a Greenie too and one of the Greenwave's biggest fans). She dresses in her fancy suits, is a member of the Junior League, and can mow you down with a vocabulary that will make a drill sargeant want to stand up and applaud.

Anyways, the NoLeBlancs are the embodiment of the dichotomy that is New Orleans. The yin and the yang if you will. As a bride, Mrs. NoLeBlanc had all of her wedding gifts impeccably displayed on white table cloths in her parlor for visitors to ooh and ahh over, lovely food properly presented on chaffing dishes for her Bachelorette Party and a male stripper. There's just no other way.

One of the funniest stories about the NoLeBlancs is actually about one of their neighbors. This sweet couple wanted to eat at a legendary South Louisiana venue that was "on the way to Houma" but they kept calling it Mandina's. So the NoLeBlancs, completely confused, agreed to drive and trucked everybody on the road to go find this Mandina's on the Way to Houma. Enroute the sweet neighbor kept calling 411 to get the number for the Mandina's on the Way to Houma with no luck. The agents were just not finding the number. So he yells into the phone while punctuating the air with his finger, "It's in Man Shack! M-A-N-S-H-A-C-K!" Talk about LMAO. Middendorf's is in Manchac on the way to Hammond. So in honor of this wonderful memory, Mr. NoLeBlanc christened his Garage/Man Cave "The Manchac" - they even have a sign over it. It's hilarious.

Well, so coming up The Greenwave play Aslut and the Hullabaloo Huddlers were all asking about this week's Tailgate Theme at the dome: It's all about Corn and Pigs in a Pen, baby.

...Those who haven't read about Coach and Mrs. Hullabaloo's Excellent Adventures in Oklahoma or experienced Tulsa in person don't "Know what'am sayin'." So I explain to them a few nuggets from our sojourns in the Okay State and then the light beams up in their eyes and they "get it."

Now, I have to contrast this post by pointing out that no matter How Crass the Greenbackers can be, No matter how much Big Mike starts to spit as he talks when he gets progressively imbibed, They offered Us Mimosas in Champagne Flutes at Tailgating. Yes. The Greenbackers. It's one of the things I love about New Orleans and Tulane. We occupy both worlds seemlessly. We can "pass" a real good time, and we appreciate proper upbrining.

This morning I decided to round up some ideas for tailgating with Aslut by googling "Tulsa Tailgating" and I happened across this COMPLETE GEM of a blog entry by an Aslutian known as "Tulsa Food Guy" who titles his blog entries "The Daily Food Dump." (reminds me of what we read in the bathroom stalls at Chapman Stadium).

......Elle Eaux Elle y'all. I now have the perfect example of "Whattam Talkin About" with Tulsa. God love 'em!

Yes, my friends: Garnish is pretentious. Condiment Ramekins are an abberation of nature. and don't even think about ruining tailgate by freestyling any bean recipe's ya'll. Just get all of that fussi-ness outta your mind!

So in honor of serving our "Tailgating food in a Manly way" I present to you our Tulsa "Manchac-Worthy" Tailgating Menu (please sign up, and click links for recipes if you want them):

Pigs in a Pen (Priscilla)
Williams-Sonoma Southfork Corn Salad (Mrs. Hullabaloo)
Gameday Lemonade in Mason Jars (Mrs. Hullabaloo)
Seven Layer Dip - (Peggy)
Another side with Ranch Dressing - needs a taker
Something with Velveeta Cheese - needs a taker
A "not fancy" dessert - (Nell and the Texas Contingent)
Jello Shots - (Booty Judy. Now don't get all fancy now Booty)

So this is kinda like Iron Chef. These are your ingredients: Ranch Dressing, Velveeta Cheese ... One, two, three geaux!

Ha! (I gotta keep my sense of humor somehow. Tulane Football Season starts for real next Saturday. Forget about the Southeastern game, OK? Except for the pre-game fireworks entrance. I loved that and hope we get to see that again. Ok? Ok! love, love!)

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